Akele nahin hum…the voice within!

Kabhi Akele hote nahin hain hum, Ek awaaz saath saath rehti hai har dum, Chahe isae Antar atma kahe koi, Chahe koi kahe, Mei aur mere khayaal..... Acche Bure' ka Antar samjhati hai yeh awaaz Bhatak rahein hon Jo hum, Raasta dikhaati hai yehi awaaz, Jo koi dost na ho paas, Dosti bhi nibhaati hai …


Thinking today... Where do thoughts arise... What inspires one to write.. Deep within my heart... My senses awaken and feelings arise... Lo' behold....a story I write!!! ©ntiku1

When I am feeling sad or blue The only thing I want to do Is to have a little hope and pray. When I am feeling bright and gay The only thing I want to say Is to be thankful for every day. When I am feeling down in the dumps The only thing I …

At times, when I am losing faith, I look back and try to remember, All the hardships, I have faced. And lo behold, I regain my faith, Feeling hopeful once again!!!

I maybe perfect, in my own perception... Yet, so very imperfect..... When it comes to other's..... Let me step out of "myself" for a few seconds ... Just so I am enlightened, every now and again!!!