A humble ode to my beloved Grandfather!!!

Let me shed a tear or two….
For all the things I’ve said to you…..
and more so, for the things that I havent said, when I had the time to do……
To say, how much I love you…. and how much you mean to me……

For all the things that you’ve taught me, the things I’m so proud of today…..
The things that no one else could share ………..
For all the laughs and all the tears….
For all the times that you have been there………this is to say, I have been and will always be, so proud of who I am today….because of your love, guidance and encouragement … and having faith in me always…. I am who I am this day….
You may have passed on to another world, but I know, you will be here in spirit…with me for now and forever pray!!!


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