Ramblings……of the heart!!!

The “Heart” is such a bountiful thing…or is it a thing at all…..

Not talking about the heart that beats,  but the one that holds it all…the happy, sad and sorry feelings, the anger and the fear…..
Have you every wondered why….feelings are attributed, to something that beats….
I wonder why, I do so wonder why….
Then I so unanimously decide…. It is the beats that keep one ticking,  the beats go quiet and so will you…. Therefore, my friends….all that is beautiful is held within….so is regret, anger and fear….
The “heart” is such a bountiful thing…. Easy to please and easy to hurt…..easy to break but so very hard to fix……so beware, as someone wise once said, “take care in the matters of the heart”…. For the “Heart” is indeed such a bountiful thing!!!!


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