Utterances….. mear words!

How often do we say things…
That we don’t really mean…
It is a spur of the moment thing…
And not what anyone said…..

In anger, fury, rage or plain old disappointment… We may burst out and utter words,  that were never meant to be……..

Such situations, such utterances do result in regret… Yes, that’s true… A feeling of wanting to take back every word you said…. But it so happens, that words once uttered, are like an arrow out from a bow….once uttered, they cannot be taken back….not then, not ever.
It is easy to say, why utter words which one doesn’t really mean….. But emotions, as I always say come before everything… Everything that’s considered sensible, usually comes from the mind and not from the heart!!!

Words are words and should just be so…..it’s more the heart

than the mind, that holds people together. Where there is love, abundant affection and a little bit of trust… add some hope and you may find…..people know the utterances that you really mean and the ones that don’t mean anything!!!



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