Age…not just a number!!! 


Is not just a number… I feel 

It is all the situations you have faced…… 

It is the understanding of someone else’s pain….

It is not being judgemental, giving the benefit of the doubt,  to one and all….

Age… Is definitely not just a number…. 

It is the patience or the impatience that you show every now and again or maybe even everyday …… 

It is the slowing down and having the strength to brave the world….. 

It is also the fears, unknown to one when they were younger……

Age, surely is just not a number…… 

It is repeating oneself again and again… 

Reminiscening ones memories, being told, “oh!  Not again, we have already heard this so many times before”……. 

Finally, Age is definitely not just a number….

It is a wealth of experience that one gains…. Personal,  professional, emotional and physical of course …. 

Age is what drives the cycle of life !!!


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