Life is too short ……..

Life is too short to bear grudges….we know….

But, a grudge against others we do hold….

Complacency kicks in, a surge of ego we may feel..

When, the going is good….it seems to be alright…

But, one day the strike of the “unknown” upholds….

When loved ones are hurt or taken away….

A sudden realisation, of how futile it is… hold a grudge for a little thing

which means not much, May I say…in the grand scheme of things…..

As humans, we are so gullible, we swipe away the grudge for a while….

Trust me folks, they return after a while….for it is human to live through tough times

Getting back to holding grudges after a while………….conflicts and ego add to the pile….

Life presents it’s own difficulties and grudges just add to the pain!!!


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